National Spouse's Dauy

January 26 is National Spouse’s Day and we’re here to help you celebrate! What better time than the start of a new year to pause and look at your life partner and say “I Appreciate You!” We know 2022 may have been yet another year that kicked out butts and we’re holding our breath to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And sure, you could wait until Valentine’s Day to say I Love You but that day is for everyone. National Spouse’s Day is for the few, the proud, the married.To help you set the mood and to get your new year off on the right note, here are some of our top products to help you show your partner you love them! And, if you don’t get the chance to celebrate it this year, you can use these ideas for Valentine’s Day too!

Monogamy board game

Games are a great way to celebrate the most vulnerable and intimate parts of your relationship with your spouse. Remember: intimacy doesn’t mean sex, it means sharing and being vulnerable with your partner. Cards games such as Date Nights Personal Questions or board games such as our top seller, Monogamy, will help get your night started.

So you’re more interested in foreplay. Well, if you don’t consider games as foreplay, then let’s consider other types of sensual experiences. Unless you or your spouse absolutely do not like being touched, massages are always a great way to experience intimacy and can be great foreplay. Kama Sutra’s Aromatics Massage Oil feels great and encourages deep relaxation. If you are more interested in the stronger scents you can experience with your spouse, you can try System JO’s Aromatix’s Massage Oils which have a sweeter smell you both can enjoy.

Bodywand Midnight Bed Spreader Set

Giving the gift of oral sex is a great way to tell your spouse how much you love them because love is work and so is oral. If you’re looking to make it a bit more interesting, simple things such as our Sweet and Sexy wearable candy products can possibly help. If you’re wanting to start to venture into using toys but still focusing on oral, then the Oral Adventures Kit is a perfect!

Speaking of kits, there are plenty to choose from that both you and your spouse can use together or on each other or whenever! We don’t just have the Oral Adventures Kit, we actually have four kits to choose from for you and your spouse to explore. These are great for beginners who have never had a toy or who have not had much experience with those specific ‘adventures’. For those who just want to enjoy their weekend in bed… well, there are kits for that too! And for those who like their date nights, We Vibe has a couple of kits for you to chose from that can be controlled while right next to each other or across the globe!

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