mansplain it party game

We all know what Mansplaining is? What? You don’t? Well then let us explain it to you slowly and in great detail! Kheper Games has just released Mansplain It – The Game of Condescending Clues. As a women owned company we initially didn’t get this game. We obviously know what mansplaining is – it’s been done to us our whole life! As annoying as it is to be condescended and patronized to, we think Kheper Games was brilliant when it decided to make a game out of it!

mansplain it party game

The hilarious Kim Airs in XBiz explained it best! “Okay, there’s this game. Let me tell you about it. First, open the box. Not that way, this way. Then, when you have the cards — wait, be careful when you handle them – you have to mansplain what the magic word is and everyone needs to guess what it is based on your clues. Do you understand what I mean? Didn’t think you did. Okay, it goes like this. If you need clues how to do it, you need to ask directions. Oh yeah. Directions. You know I can’t follow them so I guess I have to mansplain it to you again. Now pay attention… this game is fun and will drive you crazy!”

If you enjoy playing games with your friends like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll enjoy this game. The concept of Mansplain It is similar but the twist makes it fun and interesting!

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