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It’s back to school season and although we’ve already covered some terms you will hear in a sex toy shop, we figured it’s time to cover different materials toys are made of different lubricants you will find as you shop.

Toy Materials:

The Rose Clit Stimulator
The Rose Clit Stimulator
  • PVC is a durable plastic that can be very stretchy and can appear as a smooth jelly-like toy. This material is porous and with the ‘jelly’ materials, condoms are recommended to be used on the vibrator/dildo and cleaned immediately after every use. Toys made from this material are affordable and great for those on a budget or who are beginners and unsure of what their likes and dislikes are in the adult toy industry. Although silicone can be used with PVC, water-based lube is recommended to use with these porous toys. A great example of a PVC toy would be our Dr. Skin vibrators.
  • ABS plastic is a durable, generally nonporous, non-toxic plastic with vibrations transfer is great, however, it is very rigid and inflexible. This plastic can be mixed with other material (i.e. pu coating) to help make it splash proof and give it a velvety-soft finish. You can use any type of lubricant on this type of material. Because of the rigid nature of this material, this is used with many inexpensive g-spot toys like Adam & Eve’s G-Gasm Delight.
  • TPE and TPR are a strong plastic that is flexible and resistant to temperature changes. This material is porous (less than PVC) and is very prone to tearing. ‘Realistic’ products – like the M for Men Double Trouble Stroker – are made with this material and when cleaned, can become very sticky. It is highly recommended to use a toy renew/refresh powder to get back to its desired feel. Although you can use silicone lubricants with this toy, it would be safest to use water-based only.
  • Silicone is the ‘cream of the crop’ material when it comes to adult toys. This material is the most hygienic as it is (mostly) non-porous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and it warms to body temperature quickly. This material is more expensive so the products that use silicone will be at a higher price point (in addition to all their bells and whistles). You can NOT use silicone lube with this material as it can disintegrate the silicone in the toy (hybrid lubes should be spot tested before use); also keep separate from other silicone products. The infamous rose toy is a perfect example of what is considered silicone.
  • Glass is a smooth, non-toxic, non-porous material that can also conduct temperature (use in temperature play). Stronger than regular glass, but can crack if given a temperature shock (too hot or too cold quickly) or if handled too rough. Glass is silicone-lubricant friendly and you can place this product in the dishwasher if it does not have any mechanics to it! Icicles is the only brand where all their toys are pretty much just glass!
  • Different metals (i.e aluminum and stainless steel) are another smooth, nonporous material that is cool to the touch and warms with your body heatEasy to clean and all lubricants are safe to use this this material. Most of the metal toys we carry are butt plugs but of course handcuffs count too!
  • Other materials: Some other materials that have been utilized (but may not be common in Fantasy Gifts) are wood, crystals, ceramics and other biomedical or bioplastic products. Wood and crystal can be porous and depending on the product, you may want to consider utilizing a condom.


jo h20 personal lubricant
JO H2O Original Water Based Lubricant
  • Silicone is best known for its long-lasting formula because it is not water soluble (it cannot be absorbed by the skin) and for not feeling sticky or tacky. Because of it not being water soluble, it can also be messy and possibly stain so care does need to be in consideration with furniture, linens and clothing. This lube is latex compatible, but not silicone toy compatible. This lube is great for anal play because the anus does NOT self-lubricate!
  • Water based lubricants are more natural feeling, but they are water soluble, so may need to be reapplied. Because it is water soluble, it is an easy clean and non-staining. This is condom and silicone toy compatible AND better for sensitive skin people. Flavored lubricants are all water-based, but some flavors are made with sugar and need to be considered by individuals with diabetes or who are prone to yeast infections
  • Hybrids can be a mixture of silicone and water or oil and water, and each come with their own dos and don’ts:
    • Silicone-water hybrid has the long-lasting properties of silicone with the easy clean-up of water. This is latex condom compatible but it is still recommended spot testing silicone toys before use
    • Oil-water hybrid is also lasting and considered more natural, good with silicone toys but can be skin irritating and they are not latex condom compatible and can stain.

Some manufacturers will put what the product is made of right on the their packaging, but this is not always the case and takes some reading. Fortunately for you, associates at Fantasy Gifts NJ are trained regularly on the products that are sold and are encouraged to walk the store and get to know the products so they can answer these questions for you and they are always happy to help!

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