According to the New York Times, an estimated 1 out of 10 Americans are currently registered with an online dating service.  And another 7 million Americans consider themselves to be in a long distance relationship.  Whether you’re looking for love or looking to maintain love from afar, a wifi connection can be your best tool.

Online dating, while not replacing traditional dating methods, has certainly come into its own.  While there was once a stigma attached to online dating, more and more Americans are turning to it as a means of at least supplementing their dating pool.  Even if you are not registered with a service, most savvy daters will research their dates online prior to forming a serious relationship.

If you are going to dip your toes into the online dating pool, it is imperative that your profile matches your personality.  A recent study reported in the Journal of Evidence Based Medicine has found several factors to increase your odds of finding a successful match online.  First, make sure your user name is positive and playful.  Men tend to like women with names that highlight their physical attributes (sexy, cutie, etc.)  while women like names that indicate intelligence (smart, cultured, etc).  Second, as with yellow pages listing, try to use user names from the first half of the alphabet.  Third, your profile should be 70% personal information and 30% characteristics you would like in an ideal mate.

Once you’ve met the love of your life, how do you maintain that relationship if that person lives afar?  There are a myriad of reasons why couples engage in long distance relationships.  Most couples are separated for economical reasons, i.e. a job or military service, while others are separated for familial reasons, i.e. not willing to move away from children or aging parents.  Statistically, most couples perceive their separation as short-lived and hope to reunite geographically at some point in their future.  Very few couples tend to wish to conduct their relationships long distance permanently.

The good news about long distance relationships is that couples in those relationships report identical levels of relationship satisfaction, intimacy, trust and and commitment with those in geographically close relationships.  Studies have also shown that there is no greater likelihood of an affair if you are separated.  The greatest challenge facing separated couples is the lack of intimacy and connection.  Luckily, Fantasy Gifts has an answer for you.

Recent innovations in sex toys have resulted in a multitude of application based toys that can work remotely.  For example, the We Vibe 4 Plus builds on the success of the best-selling couple’s toy We Vibe and has built in an application that allows the partner to be controlled remotely, over a secure wifi connection.   Couples can use it together during sex or when they’re apart.  You can make and save custom vibration patterns which allows you to connect and play with your lover from anywhere in the world.   And although We Vibe was one of the first to introduce an application based remote control toy, they are hardly the last.  Evolved Novelties is coming out with an entire series of toys called Vibratissimo which not only allows you to interact remotely with your partner, but you can also interact with an online community.  This interaction will allow you to create and share your vibration patterns with the world if you choose.

The good news for all long distance lovers is that technology is available to help you and your partner stay intimate and connected no matter where you are in the world.  There are sure to be more developments in this area in the future, so stay tuned!

* This blog was updated on September 2, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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