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Before I review Ooowee Anal Relaxer, let me first say I refuse to redownload Tik Tok because there is content I don’t like seeing (or my daughter seeing I should say). However, I do have to give kudos where it is due and that means I have to
acknowledge TikTok and the progress they are making in bringing adult toys into casual
conversations and not in a demonic or joking way (there’s been some jokes but they’re positive
as far as I’ve seen)! We’ve had The Rose and Tulip toys blow up; we’ve had the Love Hamma that I
know I’ve seen. But now it is the new thing flying off the shelves and now… the reason I am here
today… the anal relaxer Ooowee (and yes, it is actually spelled like that)!

ooowee anal relaxer gel

Now, normally I’d even look the other way for some of these things because 1) some anal
relaxer have a desensitizing aspect that I discourage completely and 2) I go with more well-
known and highly advise (by my store and the community standards) brands than who makes
Oooweee. But I was asked to give this a try and remember: I STARTED THIS BLOG FOR ALL OF

The Oooweee Anal Relaxer is silicone based and made with hemp seed oil… I’m not sure how
one can have silicone and hemp seed together, but I am also not a chemist so what do I know?
(honestly… nothing on that really). The things I do know is that THIS CAN STAIN and you will
want to avoid using silicone toys with this product. You can spot test, but the rule of thumb is
just to avoid. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! I put a little dabble on my finger and rubbed it on
and waited. Sometimes when I test products like these, I just lay down to see what I can feel.
This time, since I work from home now and put it on during work hours like an idiot, I had to
keep working. I think that was the best way to really determine that I could FEEL this product
working – I swear, no tingling, I could just feel myself relaxing to where I brought my laptop into
the bathroom in case I lost control of any bowel movements (don’t worry… I didn’t). I was
absolutely amazed! Of course I did the little manual exploration and see the effects and I can
confirm I felt everything (as I should)!

I took my bottle of Uberlube (my favorite and the top tier silicone lube in the biz) and grabbed
my njoy wand and did a little further exploration. This was the first time in a while that I can
say I enjoyed butt-stuff! I wrapped it up with another tester I was provided – the AfterGlow
cleansing tissue for intimate fitness. Again, I was a little cautious in using this because I avoid
the “wipes and soaps that shall not be named at drug stores that demonize the natural smell of
a vagina” and also because my skin is extremely sensitive and I break out or react easily to
fragrant products. I took a deep breath and went to town. Did I mention I was also on my
period at this point? No? Yea, I was a mess everywhere AND THIS ONE WIPE CLEANED
Again, not a chemist, but some of the ingredients on there are natural and are things I know I
have used on my face in the past with no problem. I didn’t feel like I needed to shower
afterwards like I would normally feel. I’m about to stock up on these baddies – these should be
the NEXT things that go viral.
Stay Sexual Scoopers – and keep your millennial babe in the loop with what’s poppin on TikTok.

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