Pack Your Bags for Pleasure

You’re getting ready for your next vacation.  You have your passport, your debit card and a suitcase filled with all the basic necessities: clothes, toiletries, shoes and a good book.  But did you remember to pack you sex toys?

Whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, or even with friends, packing a few sexy essentials will ensure that your next trip will result in some mind-blowing sex – even if it’s by yourself!

Pack your sex toys

This might seem like a no brainer but when packing your sex toys there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, anything that goes buzz should have a travel lock to avoid that awkward TSA-moment!  If your toy does actually prompt a search, simply look that agent in the face and smile – they’re just jealous!

Second, consider the noise level. If you’re traveling solo go ahead and pack that thrusting vibrator but if you need to be more discreet, look for toys that have more of a gentle hum. 

Third, make sure your toys are fully operational!  There’s nothing worse than being ready for the big moment only to have your toy die. Pack extra batteries and if you are using a USB-rechargeable device, make sure you have the right charging cord and converter if necessary.

Set the mood

Just being on vacation can be enough to put you in the mindset to have sex but if your vacay is stressing you out, setting the right tone can help put you in the right frame of mind.  Light a candle both as a mood setter and to dispel any hotel smells you don’t care for. Even better, bring a massage candle that can do double duty as it burns down. A small portable speaker is great for playing some background music and can also help drown out your moans if the walls are thin. 

Dress for success

Yes, absolutely you can just get naked but throwing some sexy lingerie or pretty panties into your suitcase won’t take up much room and can definitely help heighten your sense of anticipation.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Vacation is definitely not the time to just do your standard missionary position. You’re visiting some place new, why not try something new too?  Pack some handcuffs or a feather tickler. Or maybe take advantage of your anonymity and have sex on the balcony or beach!

Don’t forget the essentials

Lube, toy cleaner, condoms. Make sure you have all the tools for success.  Lube and toy cleaner both come in handy 1-ounce travel friendly sizes but pack them in a sealable bag just in case of leakage. You can also take advantage of one-time use toys that are made to be enjoyed once and then disposed of. 

Tip Housekeeping

Don’t scare the cleaner!  Keep your toys and lubes in the drawer during your stay and don’t forget to either take them or dispose of them when you leave. Keep a Privacy Sign on your door and make sure you tip generously at the end of your stay!

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