Planning a romantic getaway this summer? Then you’ll need our checklist of essentials to ensure your vacation is ready for action!

There’s nothing worse than going on a vacation with sex on the brain but nothing in the suitcase. And it can be hard to find a sex toy store open and close by! But by following our simple list, you’ll have no impediments to action!

  • Candles – these are imperative! Not only do they set the scene for romance, but they can also get rid of any nasty room smells! As long as you’re packing a candle, make sure it does double duty by getting a massage candle that’ll melt down into a sensual oil. And don’t forget the lighter!
  • Lubricant – always a must have! Most of your favorite lubricants are available in travel size so you can get them through TSA! And as long as you’re packing your favorite, why not true something new? Maybe a new flavor or one that warms!
  • Toys – don’t forget a toy! Now is the time to be adventurous – you’re on vacation after all! Make sure if your toy vibrates that it has a travel lock to avoid buzzing while in your suitcase. Or just remove the batteries before you pack it.
  • Lingerie – now is not the time for cotton pajamas! Lingerie can set the stage for romance and best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Or you can always just go naked!
  • Light Bondage – nothing spices up a vacation than a little light bondage! Bring a blindfold, some silk ties or handcuffs for some naughty fun.
  • Sexy Extras – make sure you bring your vibrator chargers, extra batteries, a lighter or matches, toy cleaner, condoms and some stamina pills!

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