If you’re planning a staycation this year, there’s no reason you can’t make it like a honeymoon. There’s plenty of adventures to be had in your own backyard, and bedroom!

Start with the Dinner

You don’t need to leave the country to have an exotic dinner. Have fun cooking a new cuisine and maybe pair it with a romantic movie from the same part of the world. One of our favorite meals is what we call a French dinner – just wine, cheese, meats and bread. It’s a perfect light meal so your stomach won’t feel bloated later.

Set the Stage

Just like an a regular vacation, you should have limited access to the outside world. Let people know you are going on vacation – they don’t need to know where. Avoid answering the door and your cell phone and don’t do any work – housework or business work!

Pack the Essentials

Just as if you were going on a real vacation, make sure you stock up on everything you need to avoid having to run out. What are the essentials?

  • Candles (and a lighter or matches!)
  • Alcohol
  • A fun new toy – now’s the time to experiment with something you wouldn’t ordinarily do at home. Anal? Bondage? The sky’s the limit!

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