Predicting trends when it comes to adult pleasure products can vary from things such as promotions from influencers and celebrities and viral TikToks to ideas that come from customers who want something that doesn’t yet exist. It’s not quite a science, but there is much observation taken from our employees about what seems to be trending with customers. These predictions are observations that we have noticed both in store and coming from other forms of media that we think will hold steady as we approach the new year.

adam & eve shimmy & shake velvet rabbit vibrator
Shimmy & Shake Velvet Rabbit

Air Pulse/Suction – There is no doubt that this type of toy is still ranked high on interested in trying or continuously shopping for and it doesn’t look like it is slowing down anytime soon. Womanizer, one of the (if not the very first) companies to introduce air stimulation, has just released the very first G-spot air pulse stimulator! Although we aren’t sure how we feel about it yet, Womanizer is always setting a very high bar for other companies to try and follow suit and we’re pretty sure we’ll see some copy-cats soon.

New Motions – Sure, we’ve been seeing products with more types of motions, however, they’ve only really be built as part of the shaft of rabbits and other. This time, we’re thinking there is going to be a new focus on new motions on the clitoral stimulations on rabbits and other multi-stimulating vibrators starting with the Adam & Eve Shimmy & Shake Velvet Rabbit. The clitoral stimulant move from right to left giving it extra special attention. We can’t wait to see what else comes out like this!

New ColorsPantone has a huge influence on what the color schemes of the year will be, however, they ALSO study a rise in trending colors through fashion and social media when they’re preparing to announce the color of the year. Pantone announced the color of the year to be Viva Magenta similar to the Womanizer Duo 2 in its Bordeaux color! From other paint/color companies, their predictions suggest that we will see more deep jewel or earth toned colors – think of colors like the Lovense Gush or Gender X True Blue.

Womanizer Duo 2 in Bordeaux – similar to the color of the year!

Increased Interest in BDSM – 50 Shades of Grey was the first time we saw people flocking to our BDSM section if they already weren’t and it happened a few times with the release of their sequels. We saw it once again this year when Netflix aired How to Build a Sex Room series, however we’ve had people show more interest in not only products, but workshops that can show them exactly how to use a flogger or be tied up. This past year was also a huge year for fetishcore fashion in which more and more people have been wearing or looking for harnesses, thick chokers, and even latex clothing. We think because people have been more open and interested in just trying or understand BDSM, this increase will slowly become a new ‘norm’ in interest, which is pretty cool!

Fantasy Dildos and Other Products – Sure, the release of two Middle Earth-based shows this past year may have caused somewhat of an increase in interest in fantasy products, however, we think the interest has always been there, but has been too expensive or not as readily available for most people (sorry, Bad Dragon, but it’s the truth – you are a nice company though). Once we brought in Creature Cocks, we’ve been selling out constantly and have to work harder to keep them restocked. Creature Cocks aren’t customizable which helps for someone who does have a budget and may want something sooner than later. For those of you interested in oviposition products, the Creature Cocks people are rumored (actually we can confirm), they are working on one for the line now!

Vaginal Health, Better Access, and Education

A increasing trend we are seeing regarding tampons has been due to more people becoming more health and eco-conscious about what they are putting in their bodies – and mainstream tampons are not on everyone’s list. Menstrual cups have been around for years, but now we’re seeing a larger presence on social media and in fashion magazines regarding using a cup or a disc which are more hygienic and cost-effective. A few of our employees are users themselves and SWEAR by them to the point they try to convince others to make the switch. Vulva/vagina owners have also been introduced to things such as Awkward Essentials Dripstick (the self-but-understandbly-proclaimed cum sponge) and this year, the very first pair of underwear has been FDA approved as an oral barrier to help prevent STIs – snaps for you Lorals!

“Trends” revolving around sexual health and wellness have been and continue increasing in various ways however, this is a reminder that trends do not have to be fashion statements, rather social movements. We’ve seen an uptick in advocacy for vulva/vaginal owner’s sexual health, however, this year has seemed a tad stronger than the few years before. The Tampon Tax has been a pain in the pussy since states enacted it billions of years ago and it wasn’t not until the past few year that multiple states started removing it or reducing the tax amount on such products. It appears that there is more momentum moving towards this change in other states, but only time will tell when it comes to changing laws.

We’ve also been seeing more and more adult products in the pharmacy aisles of stores and in online department store catalogs – although Hitachi Magic Wand was technically the first way back when – which is both making more people comfortable purchasing these products. As a small business, we’re not bad about seeing it because they are beginner type toys and are that final step-stone to new toy owners to stepping into an adult sex toy store.

There is also more access to education and information online through social media which is great to see many people sharing their knowledge and experiences to help others, but could also cause issues in making sure that information is entirely accurate. There is a new group and movement called Educate US that is working towards bringing in accurate and comprehensive sex education to students. As controversial as this may be for parents across the nation, having a good sexual health curriculum could help children keep themselves safe from abuse, future intimate partner violence violence, and better prevent teen pregnancy and STI’s.

Of course, these are only predictions and we will only know what will come of 2023 when it gets here, but it is certainly looking more positive and interesting than ever before!

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