The Best Bachelor Candy and Bachelorette Candy in NJ

The perfect bachelor-bachelorette party needs the perfect edibles! Candies, gummies, lollipops, pasta – all in hiliarious anatomical shapes are the perfect addition to your bachelor-bachelorette party! At Fantasy Gifts, we have the best bachelor and bachelorette candy in NJ that you could need. Here's what you need to know about our edible novelties.

Find Bachelor & Bachelorette Candy at Fantasy Gifts NJ

Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party can be expensive!  An inexpensive way to have some fun is by having some yummy candy or edibles as a party favor!

For example, what bride wouldn't want to like a giant Cock Pop on her fun night out?  And for the bridesmaids, we have miniature ring pops that are inexpensive and delicious!

We're equal opportunity offenders at Fantasy Gifts NJ so not only do we have penis shaped candies and edibles, we also have candies and edibles shaped like boobs, butts and more!

You can whip up a delicious pasta salad with our Penis Pasta or make a Penis Cake with our Penis Cake Pen.  You can also buy store bought cupcakes and top them with our boobie gummies!  If you're hosting a baby shower, our Cummies are gummy candies shaped like little sperm (we told you we were equal opportunity offenders!  Almost nothing is off limits! We even have lollipops that flip you off or look like the poop emoji!).

Why You Should Use Our Bachelor and Bachelorette Edibles

We know there are tons of places to get candy and edibles, but no super store is going to have our assortment of naughty candies and edibles!  If you want to go with safe Jordan almonds – no judgment!  But even Grandma will appreciate our Horny Gummy Men at the bachelorette party or wedding shower!

At Fantasy Gifts, we have the best bachelor and bachelorette candies and edibles in NJ that you could need.

Our Best-Selling Bachelorette & Bachelor Candy

Indulge in the ultimate bachelorette and bachelor party experience with our best-selling candy selections at Fantasy Gifts NJ! Our carefully curated assortment of delectable treats and bachelorette party supplies are designed to add a sweet and playful touch to your unforgettable celebration.

For the bride-to-be and her squad, our super fun penis necklace can be worn all night long or can be eaten earlier in the evening. From bags of gummies to penis-themed lollipops, we have everything you need for a delicious and fun bachelorette party. Gentlemen, don't feel left out! Our team at Fantasy Gifts NJ did not leave you out then we created delicious candy! 

At Fantasy Gifts NJ, we're all about making your bachelorette and bachelor parties truly exceptional. So, come grab these best-sellers today and make your celebration sweeter than ever!