• Boobie Beer Pong

    • Manufacturer: Hott Products
    • Contains: 20 16 ounces plastic cups, 4 boobie pong balls

  • Dick Head Hoopla

    • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
    • Kit Contains:  Dick Head & 3 Rings
    • Size:  Dick Head: 2.3" x 6.75"  Rings: 4.4"

  • Dueling Dickies Game

    • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
    • Kit Contains: (2) Competition Velcro Harnesses, • (2) Inflatable Strap-On Peckers

  • Glitterati Ball Toss

    • Manufacturer: Little Genie
    • Includes: Stand Up Target, 2 Gold Balls, 2 Pink Balls

  • Smash Party Drinking Game

    • Manufacturer: Little Genie
    • Contains: 4 shot glasses and 60 stacking blocks with questions

  • Pecker Pinata

    • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
    • Materials: Cardboard, Paper
    • Size: 18" Long

  • Pin the Pecker Party Game

    • Manufacturer: Hott Products
    • Includes: two double naughty targets posters size 24 inches by 36 inches. 1 blindfold, 24 different sexy precut dicks units. 40 sticky pins

  • Stick A Dick Hunk Edition

    • Manufacturer: Creative Conceptions
    • Includes: Willy eye mask, 12 Re-usable character willy stickers, Special prize sticker for the winner, Giant glossy poster

The Best Bachelor Party Games and Bachelorette Party Games in NJ

Are you getting married in NJ? Before you get too bogged down trying to plan the perfect wedding, you need to make sure that your bachelor and bachelorette parties are ready to deploy. You deserve a great party after all of the planning for the wedding that took place. Part of having a great party is having the right kind of entertainment and by that we mean fun party games! At Fantasy Gifts, we have the best bachelor party games and bachelorette party games in NJ that you could need. Here's what you need to know about our games.

Find Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Games at Fantasy Gifts NJ

Getting a group together to celebrate your upcoming nuptials should be fun!  Sometimes it can be difficult merging different friend groups together. Will your sister like your best friend?  Will your best man and your weird cousin get along?  Bachelor and bachelorette party games can help break the ice, get all your guests to get to know each other, and guarantee a good time!

For example, we have Dueling Dickies which you blow up, strap on and battle each other for a hilariously good time! Or, if you prefer a drinking game, we have the Bachelorette version of pin the tail on the donkey with Pin the Pecker or the Bachelorette version of I've Never with I've Never Bar Cards.

For bachelors, we know that you likely prefer to have a raunchier time. That's why a game like Who's the Biggest Pervert will help you find out who the real perverts in your wedding party are!  Play with caution!!

Bachelors may also enjoy the beer pong balls that are on the naughty side. Whether you need bachelor party supplies, decorations, or fun games, we have you covered.

Why You Should Use Our Bachelorette Party Games

With so many different party stores around, what makes our bachelor and bachelorette games any different? You can expect our games to be in the spirit of fun. If you want to make your guests laugh and have a good time, then you'll find what you need with our bachelor and bachelorette games.