The Best Bachelor Novelties and Bachelorette Novelties in NJ

The funniest bachelor/bachelorette parties have the best novelties! Candles, blow up dolls, drinking games – if you're trying to get your bachelor/bachelorette drunk and show them a good time then you need these novelties!

Find Bachelor & Bachelorette Novelties at Fantasy Gifts NJ

A wedding is a grand celebration but we all know the real party is at the bachelor and bachelorette party!  That's when you can let your hair down, get your drink on and let your freak flag fly!  Bachelorette novelties is a categories that encompasses all those fun things and will help make any bachelor or bachelorette party a smashing success!

For example, we have a penis ice luge that will make all your shots go down ice cold!  Or flasks shaped like an eggplant (wink wink) or a boob – really, who doesn't need that at their bachelor or bachelorette party!

While these things seem silly, that's really the point! Because at what other time in your life will you be able to enjoy the thrill of a blow up duck!?

Why You Should Use Our Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Novelties

With so many different party stores around, what makes our bachelor and bachelorette novelties any different? Because you won't find these at your run of the mill big box stores!  An adult party needs an adult store to fulfill its needs and Fantasy Gifts NJ has everything you need to get the party started (and keep it going all night long!).