Sexy Extras

Best Sex Extras in NJ and Online

Fantasy Gifts NJ knows there's a lot more to sex toy fun than the actual toy itself, you need some sexy extras! Whether you are looking for batteries, condoms or how to care for your sex toy, we offer a full selection of toy cleaners, storage bags and more!

Sexy Extras We Offer

Our sexy extras are more than just accessories and lingerie – it's batteries for your toys because not everyone wants a rechargeable toy. It's condoms for both oral and penetrative sex that can be worn by a partner or placed on a toy. Toy cleaner because soap and water don't cut it when it comes to truly cleaning up after a night of intimacy.  Storage bags because keeping silicone toys together touching is a big no-no!  Don't worry, we also have the education to offer all customers to make sure they get everything they need to  keep their toys in tip-top shape!