It’s that time of year again when we reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Resolutions.  We all make them.  As you make them, reflect on what worked in 2017 and what could have been better?  According to NBC News, most Americans will resolve to lose weight, volunteer to help others and quit smoking.  But resolving to improve your sex life doesn’t even make the top 10.  And it should.  WebMD states that the perks of sex extend well beyond the bedroom.  A healthy sex life results in a better immune system, a healthy libido, stronger bladder control, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack, less pain, less chance of prostate cancer, improved sleep and less stress.  So really with just one resolution, you can improve your health for the entire year.  Luckily Fantasy Gifts has everything you need to not only start 2018 on the right note, but keep it going all year long!

Resolution 1:  Break out of the rut.  Resolve every month to change one thing about the routine of your sex life.  It doesn’t have to be a major change – no one’s asking you to go anal if that’s not your thing or get into hard core bondage.  But try a different position, a different time of day, even a different room of the house to have sex in.

Resolution 2:  Try one new thing.  Talk to your partner about your fantasies and desires.  Then each month try and incorporate one new item into your sexual repertoire.  Start small – curious about bondage?  Try Sex and Mischief Beginner Handcuffs. Want to try a vibrator?  Shane’s World Sparkle Vibe is a great little multi-speed vibrator for only $12.95.  Vibrating cock ring?  The Screaming O Vibrating Couple’s Cock Ring is a disposable cock ring designed for one time use – don’t like?  Throw it away with no guilt (but we think you’re going to like it!).

Resolution 3: Focus on yourself.  Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity.  Everyday Health states masturbation not only improves circulation to the genital area,  it also keeps you connected to your own sexual desires and fantasies and helps you learn how you like to be touched.  Women in particular often struggle with this issue.  So book some alone time and stimulate your senses by lighting some candles and drawing a bubble bath.  Use a sex toy if that helps.  Men might find the a stroker to be a new sensation and women love the Hitachi Magic Wand to ease the tension out of all parts of their body!

Resolution 4: Embrace Your Sexuality.  You might not be a size 2 or have a size 32 waist but you are still a sexual being.  Appreciate your body – flaws and all.  Flaunt what you got and hide what you don’t want seen!

Resolution 5:  Make time.  Everyone’s busy and you’re not always in the mood.  But every once in a while, just make it happen.  It’s amazing how fast you can get in the mood once you just get started!

Follow these five resolutions in 2018 and it will result in a healthy, satisfying sex life for years to follow!

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