We’ve been carrying System JO products since they were first introduced to the market in 2003! They are one of our biggest sellers and for good reason! Great quality, cute packaging and a great price point. We tried System JO 2 to Tango and were surprised at what we found!

System Jo has long been known for great quality lubricant. Their popular 2 to Tango has actually been a staple in their collection for a long time. The packaging, however, was getting a little tired. So they refreshed the collection and relaunched 2 to Tango a few months ago.

System JO 2 to Tango is a great choice if you’re engaging in couple play and don’t want to pick just one lubricant. They give you the best of all worlds in one box. The lubricant for him is designed to prolong his erection while providing stimulation. The lubricant for her is designed to enhance and stimulate during intercourse. You can use them independently, but combined these two lubricants work together for an electrifying stimlating experience!

System JO 2 To Tango Bottles

Not many companies can get the tingling part down without adding in some cooling ingredients, but System JO makes some of the best stimulating products! For more sensory play, bring in glass toys and use these products to produce insane sensations.

System JO products are pH balanced, paraben free, glycerin free, and latex safe!

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