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Trojan Bareskin Raw Condoms
Trojan Bareskin Raw Condoms 3 ct.

Statistically, people have more sex in the summer and we know this for a few reasons. Biologically, people are just in a better mood with the warmer weather and increased sun exposure, but also because there is just more fun things to do and we feel as though we have more freedom during the summer (even if you are a 9-5 worker – it just FEELS different in the summer). However, some evidence shows that people are also having less safe sex in the summer despite the increase in condom sales and it is assumed that they are not using the protection they bought (or are using it incorrectly). Although there are many other ways to keep you and your partner safe, this article will focus on condoms. They are the least expensive and most accessible form of contraception, they are the ONLY contraception that also prevents STIs, and every gender or sexual orientation can use them (yes, even lesbian/vagina-owners can us them too)!

Size DOES Matter

Condoms do come in different sizes and even some of the ‘not-XL’ sizes can be stretched all the way over someone’s arm – so being too ‘big’ for condoms is no excuse. And PLEASE do not try to convince everyone you use a magnum when you don’t because you are putting your partner and yourself at risk for an accidental pregnancy and exposure to STIs. Texture, type of material, and thickness of the condom also plays an important role in how well a condom fits. If you are not sure where to begin, you can try a Condom Quiz that will help you determine what size and type of condom would work best for you!

It’s All About Chemistry

dental dam flavored condom
Trustex Dental Dam Condom 1 ct.

Sex isn’t just about biological factors, animalistic nature, or mental and emotional connections – it’s about ACTUAL chemistry. Whether the combination is condom on skin, condom with lube, or lube with skin – always make sure to know your products, yourself, and do a spot test if you are unsure. Some VERY important information to consider is:

  • Latex condoms are the most common material used in condoms and are compatible with water and silicone-based lubricants ONLY – oil is a big no-no with latex
  • Polyisoprene condoms are a synthetic latex condom that can be used for those with latex allergies
  • Polyurethane is a thinner condom for those who want to feel as if they are wearing nothing and can be used with even oil-based lubricant, however, these are more prone to tear or slip off and not great for preventing pregnancy.
  • Lamb skin condoms another material that can be recommended to individuals with latex allergies however they do NOT prevent STIs and can only be used with water-based lubricants
  • Flavored condoms and lube are highly recommended to be used orally. But another thing to consider is food allergies or sugar sensitivities as of the ingredients can include sugar or food ingredients

Other Things to Keep in Your Back Pocket

One of many important things to remind all users is that condom packages are all easy open and do NOT use sharp objects like scissors, pins, or even teeth.  There is a way to put a condom on – the ‘point’ should be at the top and the rest of the condom easily roll down.  If it does not easily roll, chances are it is upside down/inside out. Also, condoms DO expire and should NOT be kept in hot cars or too tight spaces – a condom that is past the expiration date or has been exposed to the heat for long periods of time will have a decreased effectiveness and should not be used. If using a toy with a partner (or potentially multiple), use condoms between each and person and definitely wash with some toy cleaner before and after each use. Also, consent is sexy as fuck so make sure your partner – and even yourself- are unquestionably ready for sex or other forms of intimacy.

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