So, you got invited to your first sex party and you’re not sure how to be a proper guest? Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get invited back!

What is a Sex Party?

A sex party, also know as a play party, is almost exactly what it sounds like, but different. Sure, some parties can be orgy-esque where everyone is engaged in some type of sexual play, but there are all different types of parties out there and that’s the thing – they’re parties! They are a place where people can engage in (sorta) public sex or indulge in other kinks and fetishes freely without the judgement of others. There are parties that are kink specific, swingers parties or even something like a cuddle or friction party where non-sexual touching is highly encouraged!

One of the very first things you can do if you have been so lucky enough to be invited to such a party is do you research. Is there a social media group available where you can learn about the attire you can/should be wearing? Is there a network if individuals you know who may be attending where you can get an idea of the vibe that is expected to be presented at this party? What are the rules about filming and photography? Is there is anything you can or will absolutely need to bring? Also, find out what policies there may be on STIs – although the stigma is changing around it, some parties still decline those who are positive to have one (and we don’t want you to have to experience any rejections while there if that does happen to be the case).

In a weird, contradictory way, don’t have rigid expectations of how this party will play out – things change and people might be a bit more bias in their answers to you or posts you read on the party’s site.

Consent and Boundaries Are Priority

Before you even arrive to the party, make sure you have your own sets of boundaries established and know that you are able to communicate those boundaries and even your desires to any potential parters you may hook up with at the party. Also, be sure to respect other individuals boundaries and do not start engaging in any type of play without the consent of the other individual. The kink community takes consent very seriously and if you refuse or neglect to acknowledge and respect it, you can be sure to never be invited back (or to any other parties).

Relax and Have Fun

Another big rule you should follow is: you do not have to play! It is perfectly fine to be nervous as a newbie and no one expects you to play right away or even at any party. If possible, bring a friend or a partner with you so you can feel more comfortable attending a party, especially if you are willing to engage in some activities (just not with a stranger). Avoid getting super drunk so you can genuinely start connecting with the other party-goers and once you get used to the crowd or find connections, you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy yourself.

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