Sex education is pretty much a crapshoot in schools and we all ‘love’ dealing with the community guidelines from our favorite social media platforms, but one form of media that seems to do alright when it comes to talking about sex have been podcasts. Podcasts have been around for quite some time now, but 2022 saw the highest amount of listeners to date with 177 million people listening to at least one podcast they found interesting. This steady rise in listeners has been a result of putting something on while driving to work, cleaning your personal space, from a friend’s recommendation or because your favorite celebrity or social media influencer decided to start their own. One great thing about podcasts is that they are a good place for learning as well, especially if you tend to need to listen and move to learn. Although not everyone may agree with everything that is being said on each show – these can be great tools to challenge yourself to learn more (all while being entertained)!

Sex with Emily – With over 5k reviews, Dr. Emily Morse is a favorite in the podcasting world. She reminds us of that nonjudgemental friend who is willing to listen to our sexcapades and who better to have those conversations with than a doctor in human sexuality and a sex therapist?!

Authentic Self – Juliet Allen, a leading sexologist, is always to the point when it comes to discussions about sex, pleasure and intimacy.

The Dildorks – The self-proclaimed “brain twins, best friends, and sex nerds” Kate Sloan and Bex Caputo started a podcast to open up the discussion on all things BDSM, kinks, aftercare and more!

The Sensual Self – Hosted by Ev’Yan Whitney, this sexuality doula covers often stimatized topics such as race, gender, consent and so much more and invites listeners to learn about the nuances of sensual expression and identity.

Sex and Psychology Podcast – Dr. Justin Lehmiller talks about the body’s largest sex organ – the brain – and how mental health can affect sex, relationships and sexuality

Turn Me On – Hosted by polyamorous couple, Jeremie and Bryde, you get a true and honest feeling about navigating the sexual world that we all live in.

There are SO many more out there so you are sure to find one that will not only keep you entertained, but lets you feel good while listening!

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