Basically, a vibrator vibrates and a dildo doesn’t. A vibrator uses batteries or wall current to power a small motor that makes it vibrate. When placed against the body, the vibrations can provide a relaxing massage. When placed against the clitoris, vaginal lips, anus, penis, or scrotum, or inside the vagina or anus, the vibrations can provide sexual stimulation that contributes to erotic pleasure and enhanced orgasm for most people. It’s easy to use a vibrator. Just turn it on. If it’s adjustable, set it to the speed (intensity) you like. Experiment for yourself. Have fun. Dildos are either realistic or fanciful models of the penis. Some are modeled on porn stars. Dildos can be used like a penis. Typically, they are inserted into the mouth, vagina, or anus, or rubbed against the clitoris.

You are wondering about butt plugs, aren’t you? If you are curious you should start with a smaller one-and don’t forget to use plenty of lube. As for the “why” lets cut to the chase- a lot of folks find it very stimulating. It seems that this type of dong tackles genital stimulation from a lesser-used pathway. This novel approach alone pleases many people. Trying anal play in a warm soapy shower or bath is a good place to start. sells dozens of different vibrators and dildos: different shapes, sizes, styles, made from different materials. also sells several vibrator kits–a standard phallic vibrator along with different erotic attachments that allow a wider range of sexual excitement. For comfort, we suggest using a lubricant with vibrators and dildos. Lubricants increase comfort by preventing the irritation that’s possible when a dry sex toy rubs against dry skin, particularly sensitive genital skin. Lubricants also intensify the sensations the toy produces. We offer several very good lubricants in our Liquid Sensation category.


How do I know I’m using them properly? Ben wa balls are an ancient Asian sex toy. They are also the most subtle sex toy. But the fact that they’ve been around for more than 1,000 years shows that they have real value. Basically, what they do is quietly awaken women to their sexuality. Ben wa balls come in pairs. Using them is like playing a little game with yourself. The original idea was for the woman to try to hold the balls in her vagina, not when making love, but rather, during everyday activities. At first, the balls fall out, so initially you want to be discreet with them. But after a while, many women can walk around with ben wa balls inside and keep them from falling out. To hold ben wa balls inside the vagina, a woman has to strengthen her PC muscle, the one she contracts to interrupt urine flow or squeeze out the last few drops. The PC is also one of the main muscles that contracts during orgasm and provides a great deal of the pleasure in orgasm. So holding ben wa balls in helps women tone their PCs–and enjoy more pleasurable orgasms. (Women–and men–can also tone their PCs without ben wa balls, using Kegel exercises. Identify the PC by focusing on the muscle you contract to interrupt urine flow or squeeze out the last few drops. Then contract it in sets of five squeezes three or four times a day. Most people notice increased orgasm intensity in a month or so.) Another way to play with ben wa balls is for the woman to insert them, then lie on her back, bends her legs drawing her knees up to her chest, and rocking back and forth, allowing the balls to roll around inside her vagina. While she rocks in this position, the balls can strike each other inside her vagina, adding a sound that adds to some women’s (and men’s) pleasure. Finally, some couples enjoy intercourse with ben wa balls in the vagina. Just be careful. If the penis pushes a ball against the cervix, the woman may experience discomfort. Insertion should happen very slowly with ben wa balls inside. Don’t expect the intense pleasure of clitoral stimulation or orgasm from ben-wa balls. As we mentioned, their effect is subtle. If it’s too subtle for you, then you’ve got the wrong sex toy. Ben-wa balls cannot get lost inside you. They are too large to pass through the cervix, so they remain in the vagina. It’s possible that if your vagina is unusually long that one or both might slip out of reach. If so, simply stand up, relax your PC, and gravity should draw them down and out. sells Ben-wa balls. Pick up a pair, and then use your imagination.


Do they really help maintain erection? Can cock rings damage the penis and cause erectile dysfunction? Cock rings are rubber or leather donut-shaped devices that tightly encircle the erect penis. They are the main sex toy used to help maintain erection. They don’t work miracles, but they can help a little. Blood circulates in and out of the penis both when it’s flaccid and erect. The arteries that carry blood into the penis run through the center of the organ, so during erection, as blood fills the penis’ spongy erectile tissues, a cock ring doesn’t keep blood out. However, the major veins that carry blood out of the penis run closer to the organ’s outer skin. As the penis expands in erection, these veins naturally get somewhat compressed, which restricts blood outflow. A cock ring can restrict outflow a bit more. The net effect is somewhat greater blood build-up in the penis, and a slightly firmer erection. In addition, cock rings have a psychological effect. Nerves control how much the penile arteries expand to carry extra blood into the penis. These nerves–and the arteries as well–are sensitive to stress. If a man feels stressed, his erections are likely to be less full and firm. But if a man believes that a cock ring will help his erection, he’s likely to feel reassured and become more relaxed, which helps usher more blood into the penis whether or not he uses a ring. We’ve never heard of any cases of cock rings causing penile damage or erection impairment. Although the penis is a tough and reasonably resilient, playing too rough can cause damage. There are two kinds of cock rings–adjustable and nonadjustable. If you’re at all concerned about damaging your penis, we suggest an adjustable ring, which is easy to keep from becoming uncomfortably tight. sells several of both types of cock rings. You can find them under “erection enhancers” located in the Sex Toy category.


The brand we carry has 10% Benzocaine in a water and safflower oil base. The Benzocaine works as a desensitizing agent. This should allow for a longer time for an erection because there is less sensation. Caution should be exercised – if too much is used both partners will lose too much sensation.