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Whether you’re looking for sex toys for couples, bachelorette party supplies, or just some new sex toys, Fantasy Gifts has you covered. We’ve been helping customers in Philly, New Jersey, and Minnesota for years. Our sex toys are high-quality and are sure to help you reach new heights of pleasure. Here’s what you need to know about our sex store in Philadelphia.

We Have Sex Toys for Her

Women deserve to have incredible orgasms. Our sex toys can help. At our sex shop, you can discover new dildos, vibrators, and other fun toys at affordable prices. Our toys are built with quality and fun in mind. Our sex toys for her are among the best because they’re focused on just one thing–providing its user the best possible pleasure. Try our sex toys for her today and experience what you’ve been missing out on.

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We Have Sex Toys for Him in Philly

Our sex toys for him also includes dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, sleeves, sex dolls, and other fun sex toys. We also carry sex lubricant in NJ and Philadelphia to ensure you’re always ready to have a great time. Our sex toys for him are affordable and fun. Our sex shop has loads of different ways to make you experience intense pleasure.

Our Sex Store Carries Sex Toys for Couples

While dildos and vibrators are traditionally used on their own, they don’t need to be. Our sex toys for couples can easily be used for everyone involved. From sex toy kits to accessories like blindfolds for BDSM, we equip couples with the toys and tools that they need to make their playtime even more enjoyable.

Our Adult Store Has the Bachelorette Party Supplies You Need

If you’re planning on having a bachelorette party in Philly, then you need our bachelorette party supplies in NJ. These supplies range anywhere from plates to games. No matter how classy or naughty you want to be, our adult store has the kind of supplies you’re looking for.

Visit Our Store Today

When you need affordable toys that still bring you quality and satisfying pleasure, then you need to visit us. We have everything that you could need for foreplay, sex, and clean-up.

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Affordable Dildos, Vibrators & BDSM Sex Toys in Philadelphia

We Can Help You Get Started with BDSM

Has the lifestyle and world of BDSM caught your eye? If so, our sex shop in Philadelphia can help. We carry many kits and toys that revolve around BDSM. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you’re sure to find something enjoyable at our sex store.

In particular, you’ll find items like blindfolds, restraints, whips, collars, leashes, and other must-haves. Your world will never be the same once you start exploring the BDSM lifestyle.

Check Out Our Accessories

Along with having high-quality dildos and vibrators, our adult store in Philadelphia also carries all of the affordable accessories that you could need. Those who are tired of having rashes or chafing after shaving may enjoy our rash-free shaving creams.

Others may appreciate the huge number of lubricants and oral sex candies that we carry. When it comes to foreplay and preparation, our adult store wants to make sure that you have everything you need.

We Have Sexy Lingerie in Philadelphia

To set the mood, your partner may enjoy wearing lingerie. We have sets for both men and women at our sex store. With various materials and designs from which to choose, you’re sure to feel sexy and look great.

Those who prefer to use their imagination while playing around will also enjoy our bedroom costumes. Our sex shop in Philadelphia has an array of different costumes that can make your next sexual experience even more fun and enjoyable.

Liven Your Sex Life Up with Sex Games

If you feel as though you’re living in a sexual rut or you just want to breathe a bit of extra life into your sex life, then sex games may be exactly what you need. Our sex store carries several different kinds of sex games that can make foreplay and sex thrilling and imaginative. Try sexual positions you may never have thought of before when you roll a dice or play a card.

Whether you’re looking for sex toys for him, sex toys for her, or bachelorette party supplies, Fantasy Gifts has you covered.

For years, we’ve helped thousands of customers across Philadelphia, and New Jersey spice up their sex lives and have more fun inside (and outside) the bedroom.

Our sex toys are of the highest quality and will help you achieve whole new levels of pleasure.

What Kinds of Sex Toys Can You Find at Our Store?

Here are some of the sex toys you can find at our sex store in Philly.


Our high-quality, affordable dildos are sure to give you a good time! There are so many options you can choose from: just pick the material, size, shape, color, and whatever function that you desire.

No matter what your preference, our wide range of dildo sex toys for her and dildo sex toys for him will satisfy your needs.



Want to feel those good vibrations? We got you! With our wide range of vibrators, we can surely offer you one that’ll make your toes curl and knees weak.

Our vibrators are among the best because they only have one sole intention – giving its user the most pleasurable experience possible.

Have our vibrators as bachelorette party supplies to make your event even more enjoyable! We even have vibrator sex toys for him to ensure everyone has a good time.

Try our vibrators today and join in on the fun.


BDSM Toys & Accessories

Have you been drawn to the BDSM way of life? If that’s the case, our Philadelphia sex shop will assist you.

We sell a variety of BDSM-related kits and toys. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of things you’ll love at our sex shop.

When you begin to explore the BDSM lifestyle, your life will never be the same.

Here are some of the products that are available at our adult store:

  •       Blindfolds
  •       Handcuffs
  •       Whips
  •       Collars
  •       Leashes
  •       And other essentials


Anal Sex Toys

Our sex store offers the best and affordable anal sex toys in Philly.

Considering this, why not have a little backdoor fun with one of the many different types of market-leading anal sex toys we have at our disposal?

When it comes to different ways of sexual pleasure, our store has got you covered, and you’ll surely find the perfect toys for him or her!


& More

Our adult store in Philadelphia not only has the best and high-quality vibrators and dildos, but it also has all of the accessories you might need at a friendly price.

Find everything you need for your bachelorette party supplies or any other special occasion you can think of!

Our sex store wants to make sure you have all the essentials for foreplay and more!


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