Sexual Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

We know – buying Christmas guys for guys is never easy. Boyfriends are notoriously difficult to buy for! No matter what stage you are in your relationship, boyfriends are never easy! If you’re newly dating, you don’t want something that screams RELATIONSHIP! And if you are in a relationship, you definitely don’t want something that says BORING! So what’s a girl to do? If you’re looking to buy a sexual Christmas gift for your boyfriend – look no further than your favorite adult store, like Fantasy Gifts NJ!

Gifts if You’re Newly Dating

If you’re newly dating, we suggest something fun and playful. Look to his interests. Don’t spend too much or he’ll feel bad if he cheaped out. Also, be thoughtful, but not too thoughtful. What does that mean? If he likes to run, a water bottle is great. A personalized water bottle might be too much. Be sweet, but not clingy. Novelty and holiday sets are perfect because they are light hearted and say I care, but I don’t care too much!

Gifts If Things are Heating Up

You’ve met his parents and he’s met yours. Maybe you’re even celebrating the holidays together this year. If this relationship is more than a casual fling, you’ll want a gift that says you really care. This is when it’s really fun to shop at an adult store. Because this is the fun stage of the relationship! Now more than every, be open to sexual experimentation! Encourage each other to try new things, in and out of the bedroom.

For more Christmas ideas, read our blog on Top Sex Gifts for Christmas!

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