While most people have a good understanding of healthy hygiene, they often don’t realize the importance of establishing a healthy sexual hygiene ritual. If you’re not getting all the way clean “down there”, you are only taking partial care of your health and may even be causing yourself harm. Let’s go over some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to keeping clean. 

What You Are Doing Vs What You Should Be Doing

Showering. Sexual hygiene starts here. This is a great way to wash away all the grime from the day and to feel fresh and smell clean.

Baths. Here is where some clean health knowledge comes in handy. Taking a bath can be a great way to unwind, take a breather, and soak in some warm bubbly water. There is nothing wrong with that, it can even be a romantic event with your partner. Take caution to what you are adding into your bath, though. Certain bath bombs and bubble baths can cause genital irritation. To avoid this, find some certified safe products for the bath like our Dona Bath Bombs, or just change it up and burn candles for aroma instead of bath products. 


If you are a frequent gym member, work out fanatic, or even just an occasional jogger, congrats! You’re taking care of your body. Have you ever thought about doing exercises to improve your sexual health? Exercises like planking, bridges, pushups, Kegels, and yoga can all lead towards strengthening and toning. If you are interested in ditching the gym and focusing on sex muscle strengthening, you can check out some sex toy shops in NJ for toys that work your muscles. Some people do different exercises because they believe it increases libido. For others, it’s simply that they look and feel better inside and out of the bedroom. 


Clothing is more important than you think, especially your underwear. Many don’t realize the importance of the proper undergarments and their relation to sexual hygiene. Underwear is the closest layer on your body. Wearing the right undergarments makes all the difference. For women, thongs or tight underwear are worn to avoid underwear lines or just another option for the day’s outfit. Unfortunately, both tight or small undergarments can move bacteria around in the genital regions. They can also trap moisture which can lead to bacteria and irritation. The best option for maintaining your sexual health is breathable cotton that’s not too tight. The same goes for men, wearing tight underwear can trap heat and moisture. For the best overall health avoid tight clothing, especially underwear. If you are interested in finding healthy, sexy underwear options, check out our sexy lingerie in NJ. No matter what kind of underwear you decide to go with, make sure you are keeping clean and practicing good sexual health. 

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