You heard that right! Sex Game Night is back and we’re better than ever! Our classic game of sexy bingo (with a few small revamps) has returned to Racks Pub & Grill in Williamstown and Atco, NJ! Starting with Thursday, January 18th at 8 PM sharp, you can find us at the Williamstown location where we will kick off our return for the 2024 year. You can then find us the following Thursday, January 25th at Racks in Atco. Both locations highly recommend reservations and, well, we would too knowing how packed it got before we took our hiatus.

Revamps You Say?

Yes, yes, for practical reasons but most of everything will stay the same! But for those curious, here are some of the changes you will find:

  • You’re still not allowed to shout “bingo,” however, when you do have it, you will need to yell “I’m cumming” and give us your best moan! We will not be changing the bingo call out this time around.
  • If we determine you have bingo, you will need to complete a trivia question.
  • We’re still going to have “Where’s Dildo,” but he’s gotten a bit of a facelift since you last seen him.

Since we’re coming back from more than a year and half hiatus, we’re still dripping our toes back into the Sexy Game Night pool, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our website. When we do have more dates available, you can find them on our social media accounts and our calendar so don’t forget to follow us or subscribe to our calendar!

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