Sexy Game Night

Host A Sexy Game Night in NJ

Why You Should Host Sexy Game in NJ

Whether you own a restaurant, venue, or another kind of business that relies on people buying your items, you could benefit from hosting a sexy game night. At Fantasy Gifts, we’re proud to present Sexy  Game Nights. We’ll personally come to your venue and host the game for you. Here’s everything you need to know about our Sexy Game Night.

What is Sexy Game Nights in NJ?

Due to the nature of Sexy Game Nights, only adults are allowed. This isn’t your grandma’s bingo (though she’s welcome to play too)! Sexy Game Night is just like traditional bingo, except our caller is trained to make this a fun and slightly daring experience for your customers. During the rounds we play games with the players, such as “Where’s Dildo?” (a take on Where’s Waldo). If a player wins a round, they will have to answer a trivia question or complete a game of skill. Men and women are welcome to play and the crowd always has a great time!

We typically host seven rounds of bingo and all of the prizes are provided by Fantasy Gifts! Trust us, these are prizes your customers will want to win! Every player also gets a special goody bag from Fantasy Gifts with lubricant samples, candy and more!

Host your own Sexy Game Night!

Sexy Bingo At Bars, Restaurants Or Campuses!

Why Should You Host Sexy Bingo?

Hosting sexy bingo comes with some of the best benefits. They are:

  • Increased customer flow to your business
  • Easy way to market your business
  • Bring in profit
  • An enjoyable experience for customers and staff

Sexy Bingo Night in NJ is a lot of fun. It can also offer you one of the best opportunities to increase your profits for a night. Since few sexy bingo events occur in NJ, you have something fun and new to offer people. Even those who would have never entered your restaurant or business before may come by. They’ll come for the fun game, but your delicious food, the best customer service, and unforgettable experience may keep them returning again and again.

It’s also a great way to potentially reach new audiences for your business. Why spend a lot of money on marketing when you can simply have a game of bingo played? When something like sex is involved in NJ, you can be sure that the news is going to spread like wildfire.