Bride-to-Be Willy Says Game


Bride-to-Be Willy Says Game


  • Manufacturer: Ball and Chain
  • Includes:  80 Hilarious Willy Says Dare Cards

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Bride-to-Be Willy Says Game.Willy says The Party Starts now! Contents: 80 Hilarious Willy Says Dare Cards. No, this is not Simon Says, it is Willy Says! And Willy wants to make your next Bachelorette party, Hen party, or Girls Night Out a huge hit! From mildly funny to side-splitting hysterical, Willy Says will provide hours of outrageous entertainment. Turn red with embarrassment as one of your friends fakes a very vocal orgasm; laugh along as a party goer intentionally pinches a guy’s butt while pretending that it was an accident; or try to keep a straight face while hitting on guys that you have absolutely no interest in. Bride-to-Be Willy Says Game.

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