Five Card Studs Game

Five Card Studs Game


  • Manufacturer: Ball and Chain
  • Includes: 50 Studs Cards, 50 Dare Cards


Five Card Studs Game

Five Card Studs Game. The Ultimate Stud Scavanger Hunt & Dare Game! Contents: 50 Stud Cards, 50 Dare Cards. Perfect for any party including parties away from home. Forget about looking for Mr. Right, this party game is all about looking for Studs and the real-life hunk that resembles him. Five Card Studs is perfect for bachelorette parties, hen parties, girls night out, or anytime you just want to have fun with the ladies. From ridiculous to outrageous, this game will provide countless hours of side-splitting entertainment. Make your party memorable with Five Card Studs the hilarious girls night out party game.


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