Disposable Pecker Cake Pans

Disposable Pecker Cake Pans


  • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products
  • Materials: Foil
  • Size: 11″ x 7″
  • Contains: 2 pans/package

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The Best Pecker Cake Pans

Do you want a penis cake at your next bachelorette or birthday party? If you want to make your own, you’re going to need a penis cake pan. Our disposable pecker cake pans are the perfect pans to help you make the best cake and save money!  Our pans measure 11 x 7 which are the perfect size for any gathering!  Want to make two cakes! You’re in luck because you get two cake pans in every bag! And because they are made of disposable aluminum, these pans won’t be cluttering up your kitchen for years to come! At Fantasy Gifts, we have the best bachelor novelty items and bachelorette party supplies in NJ that you could need. Here’s what you need to know about our novelty items.

We Have Great Pecker Items

Bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations are the best time to celebrate with some fun penis decorations and food! In addition to pecker cake pans, we also have penis candles, candy, decor and tableware! And we have everyone covered with a fun selection of boobie related cake pans, candles, candy, decor and more!  Whether you need bacheorette or bachelor party supplies, decorations, or fun games, we have you covered.

Why You Should Use Our Bachelorette Party Supplies

With so many different party stores around, what makes our bachelorette novelty items any different? You can expect our supplies and novelty items to be in the spirit of fun. If you want to make your guests laugh, then you’ll find what you need with our bachelorette party supplies.

Our bachelorette novelty items, and bachelor novelty items are also made from high-quality products. Your plates won’t fold despite being laden with a lot of food. Nor will your banners wilt half-way through the night. Our bachelorette novelty items are there to make your party unforgettable.

Decorate Your Party

Check out our website for a full inventory of what you can order for your party. Otherwise, some of the most popular party supplies we have are:

  • Plates
  • Beer pong balls
  • Bachelorette sashes
  • Bachelorette crowns
  • Naughty candies
  • Naughty games

There’s plenty of fun to be found with our supplies and novelty items.

Make Your Party the Best

Our supplies will make your party memorable.


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