Stardust Glitter

Stardust Glitter

  • Manufacturer: Kingman Industries
  • Size: 2 fluid ounces

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Stardust Glitter

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to sparkle and shine?  If you said yes, then Stardust Glitter may be the perfect thing for you!


Stardust Glitter is an affordable, festive glittery  body shimmer made by Kingman Industries. You can purchase the 2 ounce body glitter at Fantasy Gifts NJ.


There are many ways to dazzle, but this body paint is an affordable and easy way to do that! Body Glitter is available in three colors: red, gold and silver.


Stardust Glitter is made with soft polyester flakes and gives your skin a sparkly, subtle glow. Perfect for the holidays or any occasion when you want to sparkle and shine. These body glitter flakes will catch the light! Wear on the dance floor or  anytime you want to stand out.


2 fluid ounces from Kingman Industries. Sparkle like an angel. This product is pleasantly scented. Made from pure ingredients and does not contain alcohol. It softens while actually moisturizing the skin.


If you’re looking for a way to sparkle and shine when you’re out on the town, try Stardust Glitter today!

For edible fun, try our line of body paints today!


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