Japanese Drip Candles – 3 Pack Multi-Colored

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Japanese Drip Candles – 3 Pack Multi-Colored


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Japanese Drip Candles – 3 Pack Multi-Colored

Japanese Drip Candles – 3 Pack Multi-ColoredCandles are wonderful for setting the mood, but they’re even better for ‘pleasure and pain’ sex play. Our Japanese Drip Candles – 3 Pack Multi-Colored are the favorite for adventurous couples everywhere. Their warm drip teases and tantalizes in a way you will never forget! Comes in a three-pack of Red, Purple, and Black candles.

Please exercise caution when using drip candles. Candle wax may stain and may be difficult to remove from areas with a lot of hair.

Why Use Drip Candles?

If you’re looking to create an incredible sensory experience, drip candles can be intense! Drip candles are used in the practice known as candle wax torture. Candle wax torture is dripping hot candle wax onto your partner. You should always use candles formulated for this practice. Our Japanese Drip Candles have a lower melting point. That means you can drip them onto your partner’s body without burning their skin. The wax will cool quickly without damaging. You can have fun with the different colors by dripping a pattern onto your partner’s body. For added sensory play, blindfold your partner while dripping the wax. Remember to always establish a safe word. And respect your partner’s wishes and boundaries.

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