Dona by JO Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set

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Dona by JO Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set
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  • Manufacturer: Dona by JO
  • Gift Set Contains: 3 one ounce bottles of aphrodisiac and pheromone infused scented massage oil
  • Scents: Flirty (Blushing Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) and Naughty (Sinful Spring)
  • Size: 3 One Ounce Bottles

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Dona by JO Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set

Entrance your lover with the DONA Scented Massage Oil Gift Set. In 3 indulgent fragrances to suit all your moods, DONA Scented Massage Oil is infused with aphrodisiacs and pheromones to ignite your desire for one another while relaxing away tension. Be irresistible to the touch as you melt into aromatic bliss. Aphrodisiac & Pheromone Infused Dona by JO Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set.
• Luscious massage oil relaxes and moisturizes skin
• Non-greasy formula is long lasting
• Perfect for back, shoulders, arms,
hands, legs & feet
• In 3 sensual aromas: Flirty (Blushing
Berry), Sassy (Tropical Tease) and
Naughty (Sinful Spring)
• Convenient 1oz. travel bottles

If you are looking to turn up the heat, try giving and receiving an erotic massage. This experience can open so many doors for couples, whether things are just starting to get serious, or you have been together for a long while. Erotic massage can be a strong milestone moment for many couples, something that you would not do or share with just anyone. The good news is that it is much easier than you would think, although preparation can be important to set the mood properly.


  • Always have plenty of product for the massage.
  • Take a shower first, clean in this case means confident.
  • Be open to trying new things and exploring new parts of your partner; ears, butt, feet, and thighs are popular.
  • Be prepared to use your entire body. Mounting your partner allows you to apply more pressure to the massage and further builds to the eroticism of the experience.
  • A bit of music in the background can be helpful for those that are experiencing nerves. What do you need?
    1. A place to enjoy the massage: love seat, bed, bench, or the floor. Just make sure it is comfortable and protected from liquids and oils. Covering the massage surface with soft towels, sheets, or even some painter’s plastic sheeting is a great way to keep your furniture safe
    2. A massage glide, luckily System JO has three different bases to choose from: Silicone-Based, Water-Based and Oil-Based. JO ALL-in-ONE Massage Glide: A silicone-based massage glide that also works as a tattoo brightener and skin conditioner. When you want a long lasting product, this is the one you should choose

For more pheromone products, click here. If you like Dona products, click here to see the entire line. For more information on how to give a romantic massage, read our blog.

2 reviews for Dona by JO Let Me Touch You Massage Gift Set

  1. lisa

    perfect to bring on a trip

  2. Danielle

    Love the convenience size for going away and the fact you have multiple flavors

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