Pure Instinct Blue Bottle

Pure Instinct Blue Bottle

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  • Manufacturer: Jelique
  • Size: .5 oz
  • Formula: Regular or Roll On


Pure Instinct Blue Bottle

Pure Instinct Blue Bottle. Each bottle of Pure Instinct Sex Attractant Cologne contains a half (.5oz) fluid ounce or 15ml e. The gender friendly sex attractant cologne. Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. This fine fragrance is light and sensual, it is not made to be overpowering so you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne. Pure Instinct Blue Bottle made using a proprietary blend synthetic human pheromones. Jelique product is total cruelty free.

Why Should I Use Pheromones?

People often use pheromones to attract the opposite sex. Pheromones are an ectohormone chemical. That means it acts outside of the animal or insect secreting it to impact the behavior of another beast or bug of the same species. Primarily, to trigger sexual behavior. Although long established in the animal world, the use of pheromones to attract a sexual partner in the human world has a little less established data.

Whether pheromones are truly effective remains to be seen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a pheromone infused product. For one, it’s going to make you feel sexier, which will automatically make you more attractive. Second, they’re easy to try and experiment with. Simply put them on as you would any standard perfume. Place on your pulse points and erogenous zones. Third, it’s easy to layer. You can use pheromone products alone or with your favorite scents.

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Regular, Roll On

5 reviews for Pure Instinct Blue Bottle

  1. Bridget

    Still testing out this Pure Instinct to see if it really does attract the opposite sex, which is my understanding of what pheromones are supposed to do. The fragrance is pretty nice, so even if the pheromones aspect doesn’t work out it’s still not a bad perfume. Probably would re-order product.

  2. Starr

    Didn’t work for me at all! The scent is so light on me, even I can hardly smell. I strongly wanted this fragrance to work for me especially since it is infused with oils, which normally last longer on me

  3. Clarice

    I loved the scent! Subtle but sexy. Gender neutral which is a plus too! Not sure if the pheromones worked or not but I do like the smell.

  4. Cathleen

    I’ve been a fan since I got this at a home party, this is much less than what I paid before.

  5. Anntoinnette

    Very subtle, which I like. Not flowery at all. Smells a little sweet in the bottle but once you put it on, it’s really pleasing!

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