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Come As Your Are
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  • Author: Emily Nagowski
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Pages: 382

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Come As Your Are

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski. An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking research and brain science—that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.

Researchers have spent the last decade trying to develop a “pink pill” for women to function like Viagra does for men. So where is it? Well, for reasons this book makes crystal clear, that pill will never exist—but as a result of the research that’s gone into it, scientists in the last few years have learned more about how women’s sexuality works than we ever thought possible, and Come as You Are explains it all.

The first lesson in this essential, transformative book by Dr. Emily Nagoski is that every woman has her own unique sexuality, like a fingerprint, and that women vary more than men in our anatomy, our sexual response mechanisms, and the way our bodies respond to the sexual world. So we never need to judge ourselves based on others’ experiences. Because women vary, and that’s normal.

Second lesson: sex happens in a context. And all the complications of everyday life influence the context surrounding a woman’s arousal, desire, and orgasm.

Cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines tells us that the most important factor for women in creating and sustaining a fulfilling sex life, is not what you do in bed or how you do it, but how you feel about it. Which means that stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors in a woman’s sexual wellbeing; they are central to it. Once you understand these factors, and how to influence them, you can create for yourself better sex and more profound pleasure than you ever thought possible.

And Emily Nagoski can prove it.

Not convinced yet?  Check out Lady Genevieve’s review on this book! You can also shop online for more educational and instructional books.

About the Author

Emily Nagoski is the award-winning author of the New York Times bestseller Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life and The Come As Your Are Workbook, and coauthor, with her sister, Amelia, of New York Times bestseller Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle.  She began her work as a sex educator at the University of Delaware, where she volunteered as a peer sex educator while studying psychology with minors in cognitive science and philosophy.  She went on to earn an M.S. in Counseling and a Ph.D. in Health Behavior, both from Indiana University, with clinical and research training at the Kinsey Institute.  Now she combines sex education and stress education to teach women to live with confidence and joy inside their bodies.  Emily lives in western Massachusetts with two dogs, two cats, and a cartoonist.

1 review for Come As Your Are

  1. Genevieve

    Absolutely loved this book! It was an easy read and can really help so many people understand their sexuality. If you or your partner are not much of a reader, at the end of each section there is a “too long; didn’t read” section with all the main and important points. I highly would recommend this to just about anyone and you should pick it up!

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