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  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • Author: Karley Sciortino
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 280

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Slutever by Karley Sciortino. “SLUT” is a great word.  It just sounds perfect- so sharp and clear and beautiful.” We’re lucky that slut is such a great word, because it is safe to say that almost every woman will be called a slut at least once in her lifetime. Despite a slowly shifting sexual double standard, it’s still taboo to be a woman who’s openly sexual–let alone one who sleeps around. Now Vogue columnist Karley Sciortino is on a mission to reclaim the word “slut” to represent a person who seeks out visceral experiences through sex, and who isn’t ashamed about it. Sluts are special. Sluts are radical. And sluts are skilled at time management, because they can handle multiple partners on rotation, plus their jobs and their blogs and their beauty routines. Not everyone is qualified for this coveted position.

Slutever is a call-to-arms, a confessional memoir, a slut manifesto, as told by a sex-radical hedonist in a pink PVC mini dress. It’s a thoughtful, first-person account of a modern woman, navigating sex, love, casual hook-ups, open relationships, bisexuality, BDSM, breakups, sex work, sex parties, and the power of sexual agency, as told from the front lines.

Language: English

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Pages: 296

About the Author

Karley Sciortino is a writer, television journalist, and producers, based in New York and Los Angeles.  She is the founder of Slutever, a website that explores sexuality and attempts to be both funny and insightful.  She also writes’s sex and relationship column, Breathless, and is the creator and host of Slutever, a documentary TV series on Viceland that explores sexual behavior. She is also a regular contributor to Purple magazine.


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