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  • Author: Dr. Sadie Allison
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Tickle Kitty Press
  • Pages: 160

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Toygasms. Sex educator Dr. Sadie Allison guides you through today’s vast sex toy jungle to help you find the shapes, sizes and sensations that satisfy you–along with lots of fun, safe ways to achieve the best orgasms of your life. More than 100 tasteful illustrations showcase toys and their titillating uses. For women and men, for solo fun or couple play, for the shy or adventurous. Learn how to introduce sex toys to your lover and how to orgasm in ways you never thought possible. Toygasms! will explain: How to find the most exciting sex toys for you and your partner; no-blush secrets to introduce your lover to hot toy-play; stimulating ways to make every sex toy even better, over 40 toy-tested techniques for mind-blowing orgasms; and how to care for and hide your personal sex toys from prying eyes

This is the perfect addition to your anal play selections and a great addition to your Dr. Sadie collection!  You can also shop online for more educational and instructional books.

Language: English

Publisher: Tickle Kitty

Pages: 160

About the Author

Dr. Sadie Allison is the founder and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., an author and publisher of the most popular line of fun, informative, how-to sex-help books – the kind you wish you read earlier in life.  She is a leading authority on human sexuality for over a decade and her mission is to empower women and men to embrace a deeper enjoyment of their sexuality through education, inspiration and motivation.  Dr. Sadie appears frequently on FOX, E!, Loveline and the Bob & Tom Show and is regularly quoted in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Men’s Health, WedMD and Dr. Sadie is a sought after speaker and in 2013, delivered a prestigious TEDx talk, sharing her powerful and original concept for changing the world through fearless giving.  Dr. Sade holds a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and is a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).


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