Sex!!! Board Game

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Sex!!! Board Game


  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games


Sex!!! Board Game

SEX!!! The board game for any couple, Duo, Triple or Quad. Do you and your lover(s) enjoy hot ravenous Sex? If so, you will love this fast paced game of foreplay and sex play! Enjoy foreplay as you move around the board and the winner gets to spin for a winning sex position. If playing with more than 2 people, add a sex position per additional person

Why Should You Play Sex Board Games?

If you’re unsure if sex board games for couples is the right choice for you and your partner, then it may be exactly what you need. Too often, couples struggle in trying to speak to one another about their wants and desires. It’s easy to make the other person feel inadequate or incapable of pleasuring you.

Sex board games allow you to explore new things together by taking the pressure off from having that conversation. You can experience new ways of erotic play just by playing a game together instead. It may just introduce you to new things that both of you enjoy.

For couples who are experiencing stagnation in their sexual lives, then a board game could also be an answer. It offers up new challenges and tasks that could reawaken passion and offer new ways to please one another. The game could be what puts spice back into your love life.

Our sex board games are the best because they’re fun. Whether you enjoy playing board games or not, this is one board game that you have to try with your partner. Your foreplay sessions may never be the same after you give this game a try. 

You can benefit from playing this game by:

  • Becoming closer to your partner
  • Discovering new things about each other
  • Revolutionizing your foreplay
  • Adding in passion

Fun & Erotic Sex Board Games

If you’re looking for the best way to try new things with your partner, then give our board game a try. Experience new adventures together and discover sexual fantasies you never knew you had.

Shop For The Best Sex Board Games Online

Sex board games spice up your intimacy with trivia, questions, and sexual position cards designed to create a fun and spontaneous experience. When you’re looking for sex board games or other items for sale, browse the selection at our online adult shop today.


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