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Sex! Dice


  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games


Sex! Dice For A Night You Won’t Forget

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to spice things up in the bedroom, try Sex! Dice.  The game could not be easier.  The red die instructs you what to do and the pink die determines how long you do it. The roller decides who assumes each position. Easily stores away for privacy.  Sex! dice are perfect to take on any trip!

At Fantasy Gifts, we’re proud to offer new and exciting ways to delight yourself and your partner. Here’s why you should consider buying the best sex dice game in NJ.

An Easy & Affordable Way To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Let’s face it, we all want to keep things spicy. This sex dice game can help you explore your partner, yourself, and the overall sexual experience all at once. Sex dice offer a simple way to have a spontaneous sexual experience that is controlled entirely by chance.

How a Sexy Dice Game Can Change Your Sex Life

Does rolling a set of dice really spice things up? Absolutely. Like sex board games, dice games for couples are designed to help each member of the couple tease one another.

It can be sometimes difficult to speak to your partner about trying new things. You may feel ashamed about asking for more from your partner. Or you may be embarrassed by some of your fantasies. You don’t need to be. If you’re still worried about speaking with your partner about changing some things up, then playing a dice game for couples could be exactly what you need. 

A sexy dice game challenges you by rolling the dice. Each dice gives a different command. It will show a place to kiss, a time limit for the sexual activity, or a sexual position that you and your partner will try for that limit.

You don’t always have to use all of the dice either. Sex games in NJ are just there to help introduce new ideas to you and your partner. You may only choose to use the sex position dice to determine what kind of position you’re going to enjoy that day. 

Or you may only use the sexy dice game to help you with foreplay. The game is there for you to use how you want to. 

Fun Sex Dice Games

We offer so many different sex games. Each one can help you and your partner find new ways to please one another. In regards to a sex dice game, you can expect the dice to be made from high-quality materials. The images won’t fade from them no matter how many times you handle them.

Because there are four sets of die, you can also experience endless possibilities for ways to play. It’s one of the sex games that never gets old or repetitive.

Other sex games include:

  • Sex cards
  • Board games
  • Dares

Try Our Sex Dice Today

If you’re ready to add some spice back to your life, then give our dice a try. You’ll love discovering new things about yourself.

Find The Sex Dice & Other Games Online At The Best Adult Shop

If you’re looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, try sex dice. The game could not be easier and more fun to play. Looking for other ways to enjoy an intimate time with your significant other? The Sex Position Game features cards offering new and exciting positions you can try. This not only creates a unique experience every time you’re intimate, but allows you to explore what gives you and your partner the most pleasure.

View our products to browse our large selection of games and other novelties. We offer affordable prices and high-quality products for sale like the sex dice game. Best of all, we’re always discreet when we ship your order to you.


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