Spicy Dice Game

Spicy Dice Game
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  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Contains: 3 dice

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Enjoy unlimited erotic possibilities with the raunchy Spicy Dice Game. The adult fun game is designed for a creative and erotic play that directs and controls your pleasure and ecstasy. Share the thrill of chancing your luck on the roll of a dice, by throwing 3 dices and following the suggestively sensual instructions. Take turns to gamble your way to ultimate climax satisfaction.

The Spicy Dice Game comprises of 3 colored dice. The 2 octagonal dice feature playful and arousing functions for you and your lover to perform on each other. The classic square die indicates the perfect location for your steamy spontaneous pleasure. Take turns rolling the dice, and following the instructions for at least two minutes. Enjoy tickling toes or caress privates until your time is up. Once your lover throws the dice, you can relax and enjoy your turn at receiving the heightened sensuous pleasure.

The game is suitable for thefirst time and experienced users who want to ramp up the fun. Take a chance and satisfy your lover by following the rules of the game. No matter how aroused and turned on you get you cannot have sex until both dice display the word ‘sex.’ Roll the dice and play out your determined choices until you get lucky. The fully portable, travel-sized intimate party game can be used for spontaneous play whenever you go. Spice up your seduction technique and explore endless possibilities for red-hot and passionate trysts.

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1 review for Spicy Dice Game

  1. Kam

    This is so much fun and a great idea for couples who want to be adventurous

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