Tryst Duet

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Tryst Duet


  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Materials:  Silicone
  • Power: USB Rechargeable
  • Color: Blue


Tryst Duet

The Tryst Duet is designed for intensely pleasurable partner and solo play. This bendable silicone double-ended vibrator features independently-controlled motors in each end. Because each motor has its own button, one end can be powered off completely while the other is active, or each can be set to a different vibration pattern to enjoy any combination of the 10 powerful vibrating modes. The TRYST Duet is fun and easy to use with the wireless remote control and magnetic USB charging cable.

Why Use a Multierogenous Massager?

In a word – versatility! Multierogenous massagers can n be used by both men and women. They are designed to have countless uses! If you are looking for one sex toy that can do the work of many, a multierogenous massager is for you! Nipple play, clitoral play, solo play, couple play – you name it! Whatever you want to massage, stimulate or excite, a multierogenous massager is for you!  These massagers come in a variety of materials including TPE and Silicone.

Massagers are great for foreplay! Use before sex to tease and please all your erogenous zones including your nipples, clitoris, and taint. Use during sex as a couples toy. Especially if you’re partner is well endowed, this massager will gently hug their penis but will not constrict it too tightly. Best of all, the power to please is in your hands! The longer handle makes it an ideal toys for those who are unable to grasp smaller toys, particularly users with a disability or arthritis.

Always use a quality lubricant.  Massagers should be clean before or after use with either soap and warm water or toy cleaner.


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