Sucker for You Clitoral Stimulator

Sucker for You Clitoral Stimulator
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  • Manufacturer: Evolved
  • Materials:  Silicone, ABS
  • Length:Size: height 4.93 inches, depth 2.49 inches, width 1.76 inches
  • Powered by: USB Rechargeable
  • Color: Purple
  • Features & Functions: Splash proof

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Sucker for You Clitoral Stimulator

Sucker For You Clitoral Stimulator.  A  suction AND finger vibrator from Evolved Novelties. Sucker For You Vibrator behold a suction vibe you can control with your finger! Place the sucking, undulating circle around your clitoris and press the button to experience an intensely orgasmic feeling in five varying speeds from mellow to wow! Then if you’re ready for more, rock your world with 8 speeds of powerful vibration, all controlled with a finger you can slip inside the comfortable sheath at the back. The suction vibrator combo creates body melting big O’s that will satisfy you so deeply, this toy will become a nightstand regular!

Measurements: Size: height 4.93 inches, depth 2.49 inches, width 1.76 inches.

Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic

Color: Purple

Key Features:

  • Sucking and vibrating finger vibe.
  • 5 sucking functions for intense direct clitoral stimulation.
  • 8 powerful vibrating speeds and functions.
  • Finger sheath lets you direct your pleasure.
  • Light emitting diode LED lights up buttons when in use.
  • Made using body safe, Phthalate free and latex free.
  • Vibrator is rechargeable, USB cable included.
  • Splash proof for shower use only. Not waterproof.

    What is a Clitoral Air Suction Toy?

    A clitoral air suction toy uses non contact pressure wave technology to provide intense feelings of suction and pulsation. It very closely mimics the sensation of oral sex. This feeling can be very intense for some women. Many claim that they orgasm more quickly with these types of toys. You can also use it on your nipples! These toys may be waterproof so they are great to use in the tub or shower.

    Benefits of Using Clitoral Air Suction

    There are several benefits you can experience when you decide to use clitoral air suction toys. They include:

    • can help you to orgasm more quickly
    • can enhance your orgasm
    • mimics sensation of oral sex
    • great foreplay
    • Can be used on nipples and clitoris
    • Comes in various colors
    • Affordable


Clean with toy cleaner and a warm water rinse. Always use a good quality water based lubricant with your silicone toy.

You can find more clitoral stimulators and finger vibes on our website!

3 reviews for Sucker for You Clitoral Stimulator

  1. Magnus

    Great stimulator that is more partner-friendly than most! The air-pressure provides great stimulation and it can even work on nipples.

  2. Sav

    Okay, I don’t know what to make of this toy, if I’m being honest. I’m picky about suction toys; I want a hard suction, not the air pulse “suction” that isn’t really a suction at all (air pulse isn’t bad, just not my personal cup of tea!) – so I was delightfully surprised when I tested the suction function on my arm & it was very much a legit sucking sensation. Like, it left a little imprinted circle on my arm from the suction, so I knew it was up my alley. But when I got home & tried to use it on the area intended, it was like…nothing? There was no sucking sensation. No sensation at all, unless I turned on the vibration., which was also weird? The vibrations felt stronger from the inside, around your finger, versus externally – which is what you’d be using to stimulate yourself. I don’t know if it just takes some finagling and repositioning, and if that’s the case I’ll make a few more attempts & come back with an update, but this… was just not it for me personally. The bright side is that everyone is different, so hopefully it’s a better fit for you than it was for me!

  3. Olivia

    I like that my partners finger can fit inside the toy, some toys with finger holes tend to be very small. The suction is fun, but the i feel like the vibration isnt doing it for me. I also had some trouble with the mouth, i wish it was just a bit deeper.

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