Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators

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Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators
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  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Purple
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Dr. Laura Berman Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators Purple from Cal Exotics. Ergonomically designed to fit both your hand and your body, you will find pleasure and ease are all yours. Enjoy the ultimate in sensual satisfaction. As simple to clean as it is easy to use, you will find cleaning a snap. For the ultimate in satisfaction, Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators kit comes with multiple toys to choose from. Go ahead and choose the experience you crave.

Designed for the perfect discretion no matter where you travel, this beautiful compact product is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Enjoy the ultimate in pleasure. Bulk weight 3.3 ounces. Materials Silicone. Warranty information order with confidence as this item comes with our standard 90 day warranty. Measurements 3 inches by 0.5 inch dilator 1. 3.5 inches by 0.75 inch dilator 2. 4.25 inches by 0.75 inch dilator 3.

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1 review for Alena Set of 3 Silicone Dilators

  1. Kat

    Good for just starting out dilating from a small size (basically a finger) or if you are needing to dilate for length and not diameter. However by the time most women come to look for a dilator they are looking for something larger than the largest size this set offers. Also they are not wearable dilators, just for use in sessions.

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