Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel

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Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel
(9 customer reviews)


  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • Ingredients: Proprietary blend containing paraben
  • Size: 5 fluid ounces
  • Flavor: Mint


Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel

Tantalize and tease your sensitive spots with the Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel in mint. The cool and refreshing peppermint flavored gel formulation is designed to increase nipple sensitivity and promote a long-lasting erect nipple effect. The gel is supplied in 0.5 Fl Oz/15 ml tubes for easy and precise application.

Why Use a Nipple Gel?

A Nipple Gel is a unique hardening gel formulation that allows your super sensitive nipples to stay hard and erect for longer periods of time. It also increases sensitivity and delivers an intense tingling sensation. The easy to apply gel is cool to the touch and has a yummy taste that is pleasurable on the tongue. Apply a small amount to your fingertip and massage the gel into the nipple area. For added fun, ask your lover to do it for you! On arousal contact, the nipples will begin to harden and will become fully erect and ready for play.

Use the arousal gel as a stimulating aid during foreplay and for extended pleasurable nipple play. Your permanently erect nipples will be ultra pleasing to your partner’s touch and tongue. The erotic arousal gel is suitable for him and her, and for the first time and experienced users. The convenient travel-sized tube also makes it ideal for satisfying stimulation pleasure away from home.

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9 reviews for Nipple Play Erect Nipple Gel

  1. Jane

    tasted good and made my nipples tingly!

  2. Danielle

    Great for nipples gives a tingle effect

  3. Kiki

    More of a tingling feeling and super easy to use, lasts a solid amount of time!

  4. K.L.

    Works great, the tingles last for quite a while without having to reapply and it has a nice minty taste. This is the perfect add-on to any nipple clamp play

  5. Rm

    I didn’t feel the tingle necessarily but I liked it. Easy to use and I like that it is minty fresh.

  6. Abigail

    Super fun product. Great sensation for both

  7. Abigail

    Super fun! Felt great and worked well too

  8. Abigail

    A little too sticky and I didn’t enjoy that feeling, but it did work as it’s supposed to with great sensation

  9. Marley

    Sticky, but brings a fun aspect to foreplay and nipple play. Sensation is lovely, and if you can get past the stickiness of it, its definitely something you should bring into your bedroom, or playspace.

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