Pumped Clitoral and Nipple Pump

Pumped Clitoral and Nipple Pump


  • Manufacturer: Shots
  • Materials: Acrylic, Silicone and ABS
  • Color: Pink/Rose Gold
  • Features & Functions: Compatible with all lubricants


Pumped Clitoral and Nipple Pump

Feel the stimulation of suction with the Pumped Clitoral and Nipple Pump from Shots. Use this pump to increase sensation in your clitoris, or even your nipples, enhancing pleasure. Easy to use to place the cylinder over your desired erogenous zone and squeeze the pump to draw blood into the area. You will feel suction as your clit in- creases temporarily in size and sensitivity. You can easily release the pressure in the cylinder by pressing the release valve on the bulb. You can also detach the industrial grade acrylic cylinder from the pump with the simple clip system, leaving your clit suctioned up in the cylinder. Savor unique and all-new pleasure sensations with this simple pumping system. Compatible with all types of lubricant. Use it no longer then 20-30 minutes for both breasts The kit will have 3 cups, 1 hose with 2 ends and 1 hand pump.

WARNING: Please read product manual before using any type of vacuum pump. Stop using the device immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort.

What is a Pussy Pump?

Much like a penis pump, a pussy pump uses suction to draw blood to the clitoris, labia or nipples. By increasing the blood flow it will enhance sexual pleasure temporarily. This feeling can be very intense for some women. Many claim that they orgasm more quickly with these types of toys. You can also use it on your nipples! Continued use may result in long term improvements. These toys may be waterproof so they are great to use in the tub or shower.

Benefits of Using Pussy Pumps

There are several benefits you can experience when you decide to use clitoral pumps. They include:

    • can help you to orgasm more quickly
    • can enhance your orgasm
    • great foreplay
    • Can be used on nipples and clitoris
    • Comes in various colors
    • Affordable

Sit back, relax, and enjoy automatic pleasure! And remember to always use water-based lubricant and clean your toys thoroughly after use with warm water and toy cleaner.


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