Master Series Invasion Sounding Rods

Master Series Invasion Sounding Rods


  • Manufacturer: XR Brands
  • Materials: Silcione
  • Size: 8 inches in length; Each rod increases slightly in size on one end for a total of 6 different sizes


Master Series Sounding Rods

The Master Series Invasion Sounding Rods are made of premium, phthalate-free and non-porous silicone. These urethral sounds are easy to sterilize and body safe for an all new sounding experience. These flexible rods bend with the body, sliding down your shaft for that unique sensation that you crave. Each sound is double-sided, with a different sized girth on each end. The graduated sizes allow you to work your way up until your stretched-out piss hole can accommodate the largest rod!


  • Each sound is 8 inches in length


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Rounded tip for easy insertion
  • Body Safe Silicone

Why Should I Use a Sounding Rod?

Urethral sounding is a form of sexual play that involves placing foreign objects inside the urethra. Originally a medical procedure to dilate the urethra, proponents report that sounding can enhance pleasure and sexual satisfaction.  Both penis and vulva owners can experience urethral sounding, but majority is experienced by those with a penis to give themselves a feeling of fullness.  Using a rod with a hole in the tip also allows the user to have stronger and more intense ejaculations as if a hose is being squeezed by your finger!
Click here to learn more about urethral sounding! Always clean use Toy Cleaner.  Do not use a brush to clean these devices, use a soft cloth.


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