Rouge Steel Sounding Rod

Rouge Steel Sounding Rod


  • Manufacturer: Rouge Garments
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 4mm or 6mm


Rouge Steel Sounding Rod

The Rouge Stainless Steel Sounding Rod is produced in high-grade stainless steel, perfect for the novice sounder. Explore the sensations that sounding provide, go slow and careful initially, so you learn what works for you in increasing pleasuring your self. Can also be used in conjunction with your partner. Try getting them to place their lips on the sounding device when inserted and begin to hum so as to vibration through the body of the sound as well as your shaft. Giving an ecstatic amazing sensations throughout

Explore and experience the sensations that sounding brings, our suggestion is to start small, starting at 4mm and work up to 6mm. These Sounds are made up of body safe stainless steel, non porous, phthalates free and exceptionally hard wearing. The rounded tip and smooth shaft means that they slip in with incredibly easy, while the flat handle enables you to maintain a strong grip and control.

Enjoy that amazing satisfying stretch as you expand with each size of the Sounds. The urethra is full of sensitive nerve endings, all of which are stimulated upon insertion of your Dilator Sound.

Available in Two Sizes:

  • 4mm
  • 6mm


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Flat end for ease of control
  • Rounded tip for easy insertion
  • Body Friendly Stainless Steel

Why Should I Use a Sounding Rod?

Urethral sounding is a form of sexual play that involves placing foreign objects inside the urethra. Originally a medical procedure to dilate the urethra, proponents report that sounding can enhance pleasure and sexual satisfaction.  Both penis and vulva owners can experience urethral sounding, but majority is experienced by those with a penis to give themselves a feeling of fullness.  Using a rod with a hole in the tip also allows the user to have stronger and more intense ejaculations as if a hose is being squeezed by your finger!
Click here to learn more about urethral sounding! Always clean use Toy Cleaner.  Do not use a brush to clean these devices, use a soft cloth.


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