Lovense Edge Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge Prostate Massager


  • Manufacturer: Lovense
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Features & Functions: Waterproof, App Capable, Bluetooth Compatible, USB Rechargeable, Hands free
  • Color: Black

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Lovense Edge Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge Prostate Massager.  The World’s First Adjustable Prostate Massager! It Will Hit YOUR Spot! · App Vibration Control Opens Up a World of Possibilities! · Designed for Handsfree use.  Find out how “P-Spot” play makes all your sexual experiences even more intense! We make sure all of our toys have very powerful vibrations. Our Edge prostate massager is no different. It has two powerful vibrators for you to enjoy!  Our free app gives you control over the entire range of power levels. Whether you crave light or strong vibes, you will always find your sweet spot.


  • ● FIND YOUR PERFECT FIT with the LOVENSE Edge adjustable male prostate massaging vibrator; designed and optimized to fit most men for incredible pleasure, but stable enough for hands-free fun during sex; dual vibrators provide powerful action
  • ● DOUBLE THE PLEASURE POWER with two motors placed perfectly in each flexible arm of the massager; with up to two hours of smooth yet amazing vibrations, it’s quiet and discreet for use indoors or outdoors; where will you take the LOVENSE Edge?
  • ● SMARTPHONE APP CONTROL gives you all kinds of new ways to enjoy one of the most powerful prostate massagers on the market; use it to control the vibrations hands-free or give control to your partner for an intimate moment from any distance
  • ● END THE LONG DISTANCE with the LOVENSE app; with a WiFi connection, your partner can control the Edge vibrator from anywhere in the world; they can create custom vibration patterns that are as slow or as fast as they want; ready to lose control?
  • ● HIGH-QUALITY AND SAFE materials are used to create the Edge prostate vibrator; only soft and waterproof silicone is used so it can be washed and lubed without a worry; made to be flexible and with a rechargeable battery, you get two hours of use

Of course you’ll want to keep your Lovense Edge Prostate Massager looking and feeling like new. To do that, just wash it with warm water and a mild soap after each session. Or use your favorite sex toy cleaner. When thoroughly dry, stow it in a cool, dark, dry place away from other sex toys.

Even if you’re just thinking about exploring the pleasures of the prostate, the Lovense Edge Prostate Massager is perfect for you!

Remember to always use an anal lubricant when using a prostate toy.

For more information on Anal Play, check out our blog! For more anal toys, click here.



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