Tenga Egg Twister

Tenga Egg Twister


  • Manufacturer: Tenga
  • Materials: TPE, PP
  • Size: 1.93 inches wide, 2.40 inches long
  • Features: One Time Use Recommended
  • Available in: Wavy, Stepper, Twister, Clicker, Silky or Spider

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Tenga Egg Twister from Tenga is unlike any other male sex toy. The twisting and ribbed sensation it gives you adds a whole new dimension to male sex toys. Now not only will you feel sensation going up and down but the twisting design makes it so that you feel sensation running from left to right and around. But that’s not all! Tenga Egg Twister is also ribbed inside to increase the sensation even more as it stretches and fills while you use it.

Clean up is easy, simply wash with warm water and use a good quality toy cleaner.

Check out our full line of Tenga products!  For more information on other types of male masturbators, please refer to our FAQ section.


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