Couples Advent-ure Scratch Calendar

Couples Advent-ure Scratch Calendar

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  • Features: 24 sexy challenges
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Couples Advent-ure Scratch Calendar

Couples Advent-ure Scratch Calendar. This beautiful collection is all set for gift giving! The perfect stocking stuffer or gift for that “hard to shop for” partner!  Whether you are gifting this for Valentine’s, Christmas or any romantic occasion, this collection contains everything you need for a night of romance!

Couples Advent-ure Scratch off Calendar. Take turns to reveal each day’s pleasure. 24 sexy and romantic challenges counting down towards Christmas.

Introduce new thrills and ideas into your relationship whilst maintaining the loving intimacy that you and your partner already share. Just scratch off the card to see what shade of naughtiness you will be enjoying tonight.

Suggested Extras to Make Your Game More Fun:

How A Sexy Game Can Change Your Sex Life

Does playing a couples game spice things up? Absolutely. Like sex board games, games for couples are designed to help each member of the couple tease one another.

It can be sometimes difficult to speak to your partner about trying new things. You may feel ashamed about asking for more from your partner. Or you may be embarrassed by some of your fantasies. You don’t need to be. If you’re still worried about speaking with your partner about changing some things up, then playing a game for couples could be exactly what you need.

A sexy game challenges you by making you reach beyond your comfort zone. Each game offers a new challenge. It will show a place to kiss, a time limit for the sexual activity, or a sexual position that you and your partner will try for that limit. It may give you an idea for date night or just how to better communicate with your partner.

Sex games in NJ are just there to help introduce new ideas to you and your partner. The game is there for you to use how you want to.

For more couples games, click here. For more fun games for couples at home, read our blog.

2 reviews for Couples Advent-ure Scratch Calendar

  1. Danielle

    Love love this very cute way to get through the holidays cute romantic and spicy tasks

  2. Cait

    Give you and your partner something to look forward to each nigh, or morning, no one is judging. Also, such a cute and ✨spicy✨ way to involve your partner during the holidays.

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