Santa Drinking Dice Game

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Santa Drinking Dice Game


  • Manufacture: Kheper Games Inc.
  • Includes: 5 dice

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Santa Drinking Dice Game

Santa Drinking Dice Game. The holiday drinking game for two or more players. The silver die determines who drinks and the other dice determine how much. Players (or teams of players) are each assigned to a die color. It could be based on the highest or lowest roles, include everyone, be up to the roller to decide, or determined by a gesture or contest. Contests could be: Best Santa Laugh, Quarters, Dirtiest Joke, etc. Hours of festive holiday fun!

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Does rolling a set of dice really spice things up? Absolutely. Like sex board games, dice games for couples are designed to help each member of the couple tease one another.

IKheper Games has expanded its line of Christmas-themed offerings with the new dice game “He Sees You When You’re Drinking,” designed for two or more players.

“Some rolls are drink assignments, others are gestures or contests, such as best Santa laugh, worst gift story or dirtiest joke,” a rep explained. “It’s fast-paced and provides hours of holiday fun.”

CEO Brian Pellham noted the company’s success with holiday games among retailers.

“We were so amazed at how well our expanded line of holiday games had performed last year that we had to expand the line even further,” he said. “They are fun and easy stocking stuffers that also help you get through your holiday season with a little more holiday cheer.”

“Why should the Christmas tree be the only thing lit up this year?” he quipped.

Kheper Games carries an extensive line of holiday items, such as “The 12 Drinking Games of Christmas,” “The 12 Adult Party Games of Christmas,” “Holiday Sex Crackers,” “Sexy Santa Says,” “Stoned Santa Says,” “Santa’s Secret Sex Positions Coupons” and multiple “Edible Pasties” for him, her or they.


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