Skins Rose Buddies Bums N Roses

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Skins Rose Buddies Bums N Roses
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  • Manufacturer: Creative Conceptions
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Powered by: USB Rechargeable

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Skins Rose Buddies Bums N Roses

Skins Rose Buddies – Bum N Roses Rim a Ring a Rose from Creative Conceptions. Stimulating Anal Vibrator from Creative Conceptions. Your floral finger for fun. A completely unique rimming toy for couples…With a heady combination of vibration and rotation, the Bums n Roses vibe is sure the stir up an intense rimming experience, with style!


  • 20 mix and match settings
  • Unique finger motion
  • Speedy USB charging
  • Water resistant vibrator
  • Body safe, phthalate free material
  • Discreet design

Want to watch the Bums N Roses in action?  Watch this 30 second video now!

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2 reviews for Skins Rose Buddies Bums N Roses

  1. Jess

    Easy to clean, super soft. Love the vibrations and the many modes it has!!

  2. Mikey

    This toy is perfect if your partner (or yourself) is curious about rimming, but you aren’t really willing to go in there yourself. The tongue is long and moves in a circular motion and feels great once lubed. The vibration is also great, but if it’s too much, you can use it and do the circular motion yourself. I also appreciate that it is black because it is used anally and it can hide any trace amounts of anything still in the rectum.

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