Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride

Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride
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  • Manufacturer: XGEN
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Black

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Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride

Designed to provide non-penetrative clitoral, vaginal, & perineal stimulation, the Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride brings a whole new world of hands-free orgasms to those who love a bit of grinding and humping. With two vibrating bumps, and a textured surface, the Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride offers full stimulation for your erogenous zones. Ideal for anyone who gets off on humping, the pad can be placed on hard surfaces for stronger vibrations, and soft surfaces for gentler vibrations. The strong vibrations can even be felt through fabric and is also usable as a traditional vibrator.


  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
  • 9 Adjustable Vibrations
  • Contoured Design for Precise Stimulation
  • Body-safe Materials

Lady Genevieve even got The Sexy Scoop on the Magic Carpet Ride.  Read about her experiences if you aren’t convinced yet!

Why Use A Positioning Device?

Great sex is all about comfort and access. If you’ve ever placed a pillow under your butt or your partner’s butt, you’ve used a positioning device. Using a pillow can allow for better angle and deeper penetration. But they don’t just have to go under your rear. Using a positioning device will support your body to allow you to try all sorts of different angles! Use it to prop up your stomach, back or pelvis too!

While pillows or couch cushions work ok, a device made specifically for sex is even better! Most positioning devices have easy to clean surfaces. Their surface is usually soft for comfort but will also help keep you in place so you don’t slide away. Many are inflatable so you can bring them with you where ever you travel!

Experiment with different positions to get the most out of your positioning device. In addition to getting deeper penetration during missionary sex, you can also use it for doggy-style or anal. For clitoral stimulation, put a small clitoral vibe on the cushion and grind against it.

Always pay attention to the weight limits. Inflatable pillows work better for smaller people while larger couples should look to foam sex pillows.

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1 review for Whipsmart Magic Carpet Ride

  1. Genevieve

    It can be kind of limited in what you actually use it for… I mean it’s a riding/grinding toy. BUT it is very strong and very fun if you’re someone who does enjoy thrusting on your own! Easy for any vulva or penis owner to use as well! Just.. make sure it’s not on a rolling chair.

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